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It's new year (2013) resolution
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 | 1:09 AM | 0 Moments
New year new resolution again. Time flies, it's another year for us to grow and work hard for future. Finally we have a conclusion, finally we both came with same thinking. Nth much for this year I think, but it's quite tough to hit that targets! It's gonna be a good good year for us I hope. This few weeks, our job when we are free is searching for diamond ring. Yes! It's for that! Haha.. Advise by my close Fren that must choose ourself! Must choose the 1 we like. Hehe...but until now still haven't make any decision because beside of the size for the diamond the design r too normal! Almost every1 r the same. Searching for something unique! Special for us! Next week going to ask help from Fren! Need her to help me contact feline bridal! It's time to make the appointment! But sad case is my dear missed place the receipt for the package that he signed! The more worst thing is he had paid full amount for that. So this year 2013, I wish everything is alright and good! I wish that we can hit the target of our resolution before year 2013 end! May god be with us and bless us! God is good, all the time! Here we come with the list of our 2013 resolution:

1) By May going to get a penthouse.its gonna be our new house! ( so its saving time).

2) must hit the amount we set for our saving in order to fulfill our 1st resolution.

3) Before August must done the renovation for it and furniture set up! (Hope everything go smoothly)

4) Must hv at least $xxx,xxx in our account so that we can transfer back to Malaysia.

5) This going to be year 2014 resolution, so I will keep it till end of this year.

Jia you Jia you, wish we can be done everything accordingly to our plan! God bless us! Amen!
My collection of the phone
Thursday, May 31, 2012 | 9:32 PM | 0 Moments
Currently my job once I reach home is stick with those phone... Hehe... 1st year I came to Sg I get iPhone 4 from my Hubby as birthday present.... Last year I got this... iPhone 4S!!! And now I got my pinky... Super love this pinky!!! Hehe... My pinky samsung galaxy note... How can I don't love this guy!?? So sweet!!! The photo shown 2 pinky note Coz 1 is Nicole babe Hubby get for her and 1 is my Hubby get it for me! Love it....
Monday, May 7, 2012 | 12:14 AM | 0 Moments
在这个阴凉的夜晚, 还没入睡的我想起一件让人真的很心虚的事!人要永远记得报应。不要只会怪在别人身上。当人家(家人)跌入股地的时候,你不但不安慰,你还因你的自私曾经伤害了他人!你又知道他们不努力过?!你又知道他们不比你紧张,不比你担心?!当他们需要你的支持的时候, 你只想着你要的生活,想着离开哪里寻找你所谓的未来但你从来没想过去陪伴,安慰和回报他们的付出!到此时此刻你还有什么资格说你会对这个家怎样的付出你也心甘情愿!?但他们辛辛苦苦的把他们曾经失去的作为鼓励与努力的目标现在已成功了你才来马后炮,难道你不觉得心虚吗?!



Bkk trip
Thursday, April 26, 2012 | 5:38 PM | 0 Moments
Have a wonderful trip.... Time flies! Wuwuwu...
Thursday, April 12, 2012 | 7:49 PM | 0 Moments
Really a long long time I didn't blog. Hehe... Currently my time is fully booked. Alot of thing to settle and do. Finally now I can blog after finish my dinner cooked by my dear.

Sure some wondering what I so busy with. Mid march, my free time spend with carrie babe... V go for 3D transformer with my dear n others. Hehe... Until not yet free to ask for our photo. Spend time Tgt at sucks kao. Haha... Funny name right?!

End month is also a busy for me Coz need rush out my work that I'd invoice. Btw, end month that weekend I spend my time at jb with babes shopping. V go jb on sat early morning back at sun evening. A bit jam at custom on that week. Get myself body glove shirt so do my babe. Ops... Besides forget to mention I have my new room that choose by my dear. How expensive it was, I really dunno. Coz it's paying by my dear. So 1st week of April, my time spend on decorate my new room, our love nest and my good Friday spend with dearest Yennice. I just know that she just move to another condo. Hehe... Her more high class than ours. So now she staying more nearest with us. Hehe... Can always hang out again. Our good Friday spend at ion orchard!!!! Lalalala... Go hv a look of Hermes stuff and she go repair her super exp hermes watch. Again spot a bag but I know I'm not allow to get it now until..... ( I back from Bkk trip?!! Haha). But at the same week I fall sick until today! Dunno which fellow steal my voice. Hehe...

This few days keep raining make me can go down swimming n gym. Nvm... Keep rain bah Coz this weekends gonna spend my time at office again. Need to clear my thing before hv long holiday. Nvm, I can claim cab n ot... Earn money for my future. Hehe... So will updated again on may after I back from holiday...

Today my kitty is back. Finally back from Korea. But those human r so thick skin n ask for it... Dunno should say is thick skin or stingy lo. Heard from somebody that others keep order her buy things from Korea n she dun like it at all. Those Ppl so worst! Ppl go holiday not go help u shopping. Hehe.. I also ask her buy this Coz our babe go Korea on feb buy it for me but I lost it in the bus. But mine is super small thing only lo. N I got mention if got just buy no need purposely go look for it. Anw, my babe zhen Qi give her wons lo. And she help her alot for her this trip lo. She ask her help me buy again Coz I super love it lo... See how cute it is lo. Tomolo can take photo of this twins le.

After waiting for so long finally next week i going to hv long holiday. Today dear accompany go high com to renew passport. So sweet is today 7.30am v go to malaysia high com to Do submission. Dear help me alot so before 9am v do but collection at 2.30pm. 5hours plus what we can do?! He bring me for breakfast then 10am back home to rest n sleep coz im still sick. Sick make my photo so ugly and i have to take it around the worlds for 5 years. Poor thing. Then 1.50pm He bring me go to malaysia high com to collect my passport. So sweet,right?he is that sweet sometimes. But the terrible feeling is 30/4 My leave not approved due to end month. But it's ok... 1st may working they hv to pay me double triple!!!???!
Hello kitty
Monday, March 26, 2012 | 8:02 AM | 0 Moments
The kitty made my day. Thanks to my babe... Super love... Even 1 kitty lost but I get another 1.
Monday, March 12, 2012 | 2:05 PM | 0 Moments
只向说我没这么伟大! 你也没这么伟大! 所以不要一直把我拖下水!不要到处跟认家说是因为我!是你办事能力有问题!真是无聊的人!自己有问题还把问题赖在我头上!你真的是能的啦!
Some truth and advise!
Saturday, March 10, 2012 | 12:58 AM | 0 Moments
If you know nth PLS do not act you know everything!

Sometimes Ppl learned nth and they won't learn also.

Today I shock by some news! U can't imagine that it been twice the shameful thing happen on the idiot! Do not want to mention clearly on some matter. Maybe she think she can continue cheat that another idiot by saying not Ppl do not want her but is she do not want Ppl! But who heck care what this 2 pork chop with pig brain will say because the true always there!

Erm... With my working experience I confirm that I will make sure such shameful thing won't happen to me! So stop cheating on us la! If get better 1 then good luck to you, hope they can stand of paying the useless 1 longer than current! Advise: if really want a better luck PLEASE watch up your mouth! Do more charity! Do not only see Ppl negative and your positive side because Ppl have such thinking is always bluff themselves with 1 positive thing to cover 10 negative thing in them! Stop CURSING Ppl! Stop cheating Ppl because KARMA will turn back to you!

The most happier thing in my life is i knew it early! Can stop from being "Li Yong" by some idiot! Selfish! Still remember that the idiot like to spend others money! Always mention she have no money but greedy! But want to have the same life like others while the idiot are not affordable! And I also must admit that i'm stupid as well because too simply when trying hard to look part time job for the idiot and bare everything for Ppl that who doesn't worth for it! Its my fault because too easy believe ppl. So another idiot, you do not know the whole story just act don't know! Don't act like you the one know everything and trying to sort it out! Is your so called friend who stop me from telling you! I bare doesn't mean is I alone want it! If I'm so call greedy then why every moment you need my friend to help you for every single thing and Everytime go for lunch or dinner is paid by us and not you?!! Use your brain and think before speak it out! If I greedy like you I won't so generous from the beginning at all! If you think you still have brain then think it yourself before pointer to others! Saw the karma that happened to you!?? Do not tell me you still feel lucky!? But, if you feel that cheating on yourself, you will feel better then go ahead! You 2 idiots know how unimportance you 2 to me at all right now! Stop jealous that I treated Juliana and Carrie better than you before! We love each other with our true heart and not by thinking how, or what we can get from this friendship! We do not need something to proved our love because we know each other too well and also we are mature unlike you 2 idiots! Before you clarify what is friendship PLS learn what is friendship are!

Salute with those liar! Still able to search by using my full add and my full name!!! Salute! Deleted on other Ppl eyes but never delete from the heart! I'm not that important and it's impossible for me to accept back and be like before because stupid for once is enough! Do not want it to happened twice!!! So stop searching me! Salute salute salute! All is about those idiots!!

However, I still have some happy thing to blog here but I do not want to spoilt it by putting it tgt with idiots! So adios... Will continue will another blog.

Thursday, March 8, 2012 | 11:48 PM | 0 Moments
This month start to be AR. doing all acc stuff... In the stage of learning n move forward to my "future". Even is busy for this post. Even busy with work but I saw the $$$$$. ok, I admit I'm money face Coz I work for money n not sand! Super busy until I no time to continue with my blog stuff! No time to share about our valentine as well. Get new members. Hehe...

I still wondering WTF that ghost r jealous about?! Coz u only a admin staff?! N I believe u will forever be admin staff! Admin staff forever hv that amount of salary! Hiak Hiak Hiak! If wan get more then just do like what u 2 like to do! Go geylang stand i believe u can gt more abit than now la! But get more? Must think bah! See those bosy shape n the face! They didnt vomit consider good. Somebody teach me this tactic before n dun think u still able to use same tactic on me? No thanks. U can continue be like Ur super mini "Che da Bao"! U know how ugly a ghost look like? I have their ugly photo! Erm... I think still hv bah or I throw it away n deleted like nobody else problem! If wanna lie n cheat just go find Ppl same EQ level like u "2"! I won't care about those LC Ppl 1. Ops... Forget to announce!!! Is 3 months! My parents taught me that a bad Ppl won't say that they r bad but they only will point it to other! So stop AC! Dun act infront of Ppl! N stop email me with rubbish!!!! Rubbish ghost!!!

This week I start with another bag to work.... Coz I know I need that bag to put documents n the laptop! Haih... Let shit saw it n I think that shit need to throw hers! Rather dun get if no afford to get ori 1! If still desperate call Ur mini get it for u! N pls get latest 1 n not those with clearing stock stock!!!

Last weekends outing with carrie at orchard. She going to get a LV bag that I wan but in the end I spot on other! Next target prada! Wait for birthday in half year more! Hiak Hiak Hiak! BTW, congratz to my dear babe for getting a new job in MNC company. She going to busy like me after this... Is a medical centre finance dept executive. Good luck dear n all the best. Learn while u can from there! Love u...

Today stay back at office... Called a fren... He is super funny man. Teach me some good idea... Next meeting for desserts I will tell u about this o babe.

For all this while, what the most important thing that i wanna share is Even currently super busy but I'm happy with the hand that u provided to me. U all know who u all r. Thanks for always be myside. Thanks for the food n caring as well that given by u all. I dunno how to express with words but I glad to hv u all. I love u all my dear babes... Here comes with some crazy photo of us... But I do enjoy the moment. That is our crazy moment... Next meaningful gathering coming soon... Clubbing on march o... Yeah... Batt low! I wanna rest lo. Remind myself n those ghost let go bah! Even I didn't see n read but im sure u all still the same! With the mouth stick with shit! Same as the face! Just let go Coz I dun wan be so important to u all! I didn't fren with ghost! Give up bah!

Bye world! Have a sweet dream n sleep tight
| 11:45 PM | 0 Moments
Attend company D&D on Friday night. We enjoyed the night very much. We start to feel high since lunch time... We keep talk nonsense and play around until we take Kenneth car to Safra, the dinner place. We keep forcing him to go early but he keep mention that reached early we won't start early as well but in the end, he still follow others car behind. Happy to have them. We like to tease each other all the time but we know we just play fool around. When dinner start, we start wine drinking moment as well. After drink for 2glass we start to get high again. It's lucky draw time.... We keep mention we don't want to shake hand with the banana and that's come... All the tigers get the prize except Alice. Quite sad for that but it's still enjoyable night. Here we come our group that get the lucky draw prize. P/S: see what our beloved ah lim have done it... Hahaha... Some will realize that somebody didn't change his shirt... Just because that day he bring a couple tee. Muahaha... Still have Alot of other photo that we haven touch up. So it will be coming soon.

Yesterday night, again on the Saturday night having movie with my dear. The movie(ghost rider 2) not bad but still like not that powerful. Now almost every sat we will sit at the cinema. Same row same number unless 1 of us back to office work until very late.

Today it's Sunday, waiting for the time to back to office a while before heading to Kenneth chan little girl channice full month celebration.

Alot more meaningful moment to wrote down. See the different?! When you are pretty good person with a good heart to treat others there you will have bunch of good friends surrounding you and also the luck. Before you mention people stinky mouth but please see your own stinky mouth! Read your own words before heading to others! Sometimes not people can't just maybe they don't want! I be what I am today is based on my working performance and not curry flavor! We do not need that to achieve!

As a employee, we should always do our best because we paid to do so. As a human, we try to learn what we can for our better future. Just have a positive thinking there you will really workout for that. Working it's not 8-5.45! It's a commitment that given and we paid to do so. When you get higher paid then your job load sure will increase. If you request for higher paid, you confirm can give the same thing back to the company?! Like what I am now. Get better paid n higher paid but can I cover and do what they want based on the salary rate?! The answer will keep it to me and my leader babe(y2).
| 11:41 PM | 0 Moments
Shouting I miss you!!!
My life - Feb
Sunday, February 26, 2012 | 8:35 PM | 0 Moments
Quite sometimes that i didn't really blog about my life. While waiting my beloved Dear ready our dinner i start to feel blog something for a while. It's Feb! another month for this year and my life having some changes. Start to take over AR job. I'm not sure whether it was a good beginning for me and for her. But, i only can mention that it's once my favourite job before. From small i enjoy with calculation works and now the god let me have the chance to try this challenging job. I appreaciate it. Today is the 1st time i get paid as a AR. :) can't deny that once i think of giving up at this company and try to let go it. However, thanks for my buddies who always support me and helping me alot, and also thanks to "Banana" that pull me out when i give up no matter how unwilling i'm towards you but i still thanks for that chance. This whole month i feel the busyness but at least it lesser my stress and tension. i quite enjoy with i am now. this maybe because of i having a good buddy that always giving me her hand and also maybe the support that giving by my Dear Carrie and Tay. Because of your support i choose to stay until now. Thanks for the lessons that you all given to me. i try hard to learn what i can now. no matter what happened don't easy to give up because i paid to do so. i will continue with that mindset. They paid me that amount because i worth that amount and i believe i can give them the bestest of me. I know maybe for other 2+++ just only a small amount but for me the money not everything but act they paying quite a higher paid for me as a AR compare to other company.

I think i'll stop here for now because my dear waiting for me.

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